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Atlanta international Airport today┬┤s departures

Departures from Atlanta airport

Today flight status of the departures from Hartsfield Jackson airport.

Check your flight if it's scheduled, or for possible delays or cancellations.

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Departures - Atlanta airport
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Recommendations before flying from Atlanta Airport

  1. Getting to the airport in time

    If your flight is international, it is recommended to arrive at Atlanta International Airport at least 3:00 hours before the flight or 2 hours if it is domestic. In turn, depending on the schedule and the situation of the moment (possible traffic congestion) take the precaution of leaving with enough time.

    In case of using transport to go to the airport, check the public and private transportation available to/from Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) Airport:

    If you arrive at the airport by your own vehicle, check the parking facilities and lots.

    Arriving early will avoid setbacks. In addition, the airport offers various amenities , dining and shopping options, in addition to VIP lounges.

  2. Accommodation nearby

    In case you have a very early morning flight and do not live in Atlanta area, you can choose to stay in a hotel near the airport or even within the airport in the Minute Suites located Concourse B near Gate B16. 

  3. Travel documents

    Do not forget your valid passport or ID to travel, visa (if necessary), reservation code or boarding pass (if you have already done the web check in), travel insurance, health affidavit form, negative PCR test, certificate vaccination (if you have it or if it is required), Covid mask for mouth and nose, your mobile phone, etc.

  4. Passengers with special needs

    If you have reduced mobility or are a passenger with special needs (elderly, pregnant women, minors alone) or traveling with a pet, coordinate with the airline at least 48 hours before the flight. The airport has facilities adapted for passengers with reduced mobility, disabilities or medical needs, as well as Pet relief areas. More information

  5. Baggage restrictions

    Ask your airline, about baggage restrictions, weight limits, prohibited items. Check its official website, social media or contact phones

  6. FAQs

    For further information check out the Frequenly Asked Questions