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Atlanta airport arrivals

Arrivals at Atlanta airport

Flight status of today's arrivals at Hartsfield Jackson airport

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Atlanta airport arrivals
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Recommendations after arriving at Atlanta airport (ATL)

  1. Carry on luggage

    Don't forget your aircraft belongings.

  2. Connecting Flights

    In case you expect a connecting flight and arrive in the early hours, the airport has  24-hour cafe options. If your are coming from another country and the connecting flight is domestic, you must collect your checked baggage (in case you have checked baggage) and do migrations. Other wise if your final destination is outside the United States, you don't need to do so.

    See connection between the terminals

  3. Checked baggage

    If Atlanta airport is your final destination and you have checked luggage, go to the baggage claim area and look for the carousel that corresponds to your flight. In some cases there may be two flights sharing the same carousel. If your luggage is missing, go to your airline counter or ask for help to the airport staff.

  4. Migrations

    Follow the signals to pass migration control. If you are a foreigner, depending on your nationality, you will need to present a passport and visa (as applicable) and hotel reservation or address and phone number and name of the person where you will stay. Get ready for some questions that may be asked (they do not always ask) and just answer what they ask without giving additional explanations that may compromise you.

  5. Meeting points

    After passengers leave the plane, a corridor guides them up the escalators to the Arrivals level. where you will meet the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) This open area has passport control service counters.

    The next stop on the Arrivals level is the baggage claim area. Baggage for Atlanta-bound passengers, connecting passengers arriving in Concourse F, as well as Atlanta-bound passengers arriving at Concourse E, will be shipped to all seven carousels.

    A transition area is just past baggage claim in Concourse F. Here, Atlanta-bound passengers will turn right into the Arrivals Hall. Passengers with connecting flights to other US destinations will turn left towards the baggage check counters.

    Family, friends and others can wait in the Arrivals Hall to greet Atlanta-bound passengers arriving aboard international flights in Concourse E and F. After connecting passengers recheck their luggage, they will continue signs to the Plane Train Concourse F area or the pedestrian walkway. Both connect with all the other lobbies of the airport (T, A, B, C, D and E) and the domestic terminal.

  6. Arrivals public hall

    If Atlanta is your final destination, when you arrive in the public area, if a private driver is waiting for you, they will most certainly have a sign and your name. If you want to look for a taxi, look for the authorized ones and not the ones that some stranger can offer you. The transportation options are: Shared ride shuttles - Buses and trains - Taxis, limousines, Uber and Lyft - Car rental

  7. FAQs

    For other inquiries, review the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions made by passengers.